Sewing Together an Amigurumi

As I’m sure you’ve probably guessed by now, I absolutely love designing amigurumis!  Creating colorful and imaginative new friends is a passion of mine. Coming up with a new idea, drawing it out, writing the pattern, crocheting the prototype, sewing it all together…from beginning to end, I love every step!!

Some of the most common questions I receive are about that final step in the process – sewing all of the pieces together.  And I will admit, sometimes it can be frustrating and very time-consuming. But it has to get done!

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Tutu Cute – No-Sew Tutorial

Sometimes I think that my creations need a little something extra…like a fluffy tutu!! I thought of this especially for Poppy the Sweet Piggy.  She’s already so super enchanting with her rosy cheeks, flowers, and purse, but I really thought she needed something else. Something special. So I asked my friend Courtney of 3 Hoots Boutique to help me out with a quick tutorial for a simple, no-sew tutu.

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Embroidery Stitches Videotutorial

Using simple embroidery stitches in your crochet work is a great way to add beautiful detail to a piece.  My friend Courtney is going to talk to us about a few different stitches that you might like to use to add embellishments to your work – the French Knot (which I use in the Lucy and Linus Baby Twins pattern), Chain Stitch, and Cross Stitch.  She is also going to walk us through embroidering a nose on a face (she happens to be sewing a bear from the Sweet Dreams Teddy Bear Mobile pattern).

I hope you find this video helpful and informative!!  Happy crocheting (and embroidering)!

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How to Read a Chart Videotutorial

Did you know that crochet patterns can be written in more than one way?  Some designers use text to create their designs – others use crochet symbol charts or diagrams.  I use both!  Reading a crochet symbol chart might be intimidating or confusing, but really it’s a whole lot simpler than it looks.  Graphs can show you where your stitches go, how tall they are, even what the look like.  My friend Courtney is back to walk us through reading a crochet symbol chart using two of my free patterns – the Spring Flowers Blanket and the flower motif from my Spring Headband & Belt.  When you’re done watching the video, drop me a comment letting me know which you prefer – written text or symbol graphs!

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Crochet Stitches Video Tutorials

For the most part, I like to keep my crochet patterns pretty simple.  I use the same stitches and techniques over and over to create my designs.

My friend, Courtney, is back to demonstrate these stitches for us.  Starting with the most basic stitches like single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet…then moving on to slightly more advanced techniques like single crochet increase, invisible decrease, invisible join, cluster stitches, surface slip stitches, and reverse single crochet.  I hope you find these videos informative!!

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