How to Read a Chart Videotutorial

Did you know that crochet patterns can be written in more than one way?  Some designers use text to create their designs – others use crochet symbol charts or diagrams.  I use both!  Reading a crochet symbol chart might be intimidating or confusing, but really it’s a whole lot simpler than it looks.  Graphs can show you where your stitches go, how tall they are, even what the look like.  My friend Courtney is back to walk us through reading a crochet symbol chart using two of my free patterns – the Spring Flowers Blanket and the flower motif from my Spring Headband & Belt.  When you’re done watching the video, drop me a comment letting me know which you prefer – written text or symbol graphs!

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Crocheted Eyes for Amigurumi

I love seeing the different ways crocheters add facial features to my patterns.  Different interpretations of eyes, noses, and mouths can give each creation such original expressions!

Adding eyes to amigurumis can add a lot of personality to a project.  For the most part, many people – myself included – like to use safety eyes.  But sometimes safety eyes aren’t easy to find or they’re a little more costly than you might like.  Or maybe you’re just unsure of how they will hold up in a toy given to a baby or small child.  A great alternative to using safety eyes is to crochet your own!  My friend, Linda, crochets all of the eyes for her creations, and she helped me create the following tutorial for you.

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