About Me

Hi, I’m Carolina!,
I live in a beautiful city in the south of Spain, with my husband and two daughters, Clara and Alicia. I’m a nurse and am passionate about crochet. My journey with a hook and yarn has been slow but exciting – from a very young age I learnt from my mother and grandmother, who taught me the foundations of this wonderful world. Little by little I learnt about techniques and patterns, developing my own colorful and fun style.

After my daughter Clara was born, I had a moment of reflection and started thinking about selling my patterns. I wanted to share my creativity with others and have an incentive to keep on developing new toys and characters. This was the moment when One and Two Company, my small pattern shop, was born.

My daughters are my main source of inspiration. Clara is super creative and keeps coming up with stories full of incredible characters. My little Alice loves everything her mommy does. She plays with my creations and fills them with life, although she is very demanding. She is my best quality control!

It is comforting to be able to work on something I love and to see how other people, far away, crochet my creations and enjoy them. I love seeing the ideas I put into my designs come alive when people make my patterns.