Tutu Cute – No-Sew Tutorial

Sometimes I think that my creations need a little something extra…like a fluffy tutu!! I thought of this especially for Poppy the Sweet Piggy.  She’s already so super enchanting with her rosy cheeks, flowers, and purse, but I really thought she needed something else. Something special. So I asked my friend Courtney of 3 Hoots Boutique to help me out with a quick tutorial for a simple, no-sew tutu.

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Materials needed:

· Spool of tulle in any color
· Ribbon or elastic
· Measuring tape or ruler (I used a cutting board for fabric)
· Scissors or other cutting device (I used a rotary cutter)

The great thing about creating your own no-sew tutu is that you can make it any size following the simple tutorial.  Just adjust the length of your beginning piece of ribbon or elastic (measure your model – crocheted or human – around the waist, and add a little extra length for tying), and make your strips of tulle longer and wider.  It’s really simple!  You can also make your tutu fluffier by doubling (or tripling) your tulle strips.  Instead of using one strip per “knot”, use 2 or 3.  Use as many – or as few- colors to customize your tutu.  Simple…and fun!!

How adorable do Poppy and Meadow the Sweet Fawn  look in their tutus?!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Drop me a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever made a no-sew tutu!  I’d also like to thank Courtney for her help. Please make sure you show her some love! You can find her on Facebook and Instagram!

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