Safety Eyes and Other Supplies

One of the most commonly asked questions in my Facebook Group is where to purchase safety eyes and other amigurumi supplies.

I like to use a wide variety of sizes of safety eyes in my projects.  Sometimes I use a small eye – 6mm.  Other times I use big eyes – 21mm.  Here are a few online shops that I’ve had great experiences with. (can also be found on Etsy – image to the left).  This shop has a very wide variety of hand-painted eyes in different sizes, shapes, and colors.  They also sell noses.

Situer (an Etsy shop).  This seller is located in China so the shipping might take a little longer than you might like, but there are lots of options in this shop.  So much variety!!  Lots of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some of my fans chimed in to share where they buy their safety eyes.  They have had luck with retail stores like Joann’s Fabrics and Hobby LobbyKnit Picks carries a nice variety of safety eyes in different sizes and colors, too.  You can also search Ebay and Amazon – there are a lot of craft sellers on both sites!  Just use safety eyes as your search.  You can narrow it down by adding the size you’re looking for as well.

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Here’s a list of online shops that crafters in my Group have recommended (I haven’t used these shops, but I wanted to share the information my fans have given me): (also on Etsy) – lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors of eyes; also has a large supply of other crafting materials you might find useful.

SweetKeepsake on Etsy (Shipping from Canada) (also has safety noses) – lots of varying craft supplies


If you’re looking for other supplies that you might need to complete one of my designs, check out these shops that I’ve had great purchases from.

CoffeeKidsNDolls is an Etsy shop that I like to purchase my rattle inserts from.  This shop is based in the US, and there are a lot of options for different sized rattle inserts, as well as other kinds of noise makers.




I buy buttons from Tiny Buttons (myluckynumber9 on Etsy).  I love the huge selection of teeny buttons!  I like to use them on my projects to add embellishment.


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For my mobiles, I like to buy my wooden mobile kits from Monkey Town Mobiles (on Etsy).   The owner is based in the US, and she has a lot of different mobile colors to choose from.  (I have also looked at items from the European shop Wooden Artist on Etsy, but I haven’t purchased from there yet.)



Do you like to purchase your safety eyes or other crochet supplies from a different shop?  Drop a note in the comments and let everyone know where you like to shop!

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