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posted by Carolina Guzman February 9, 2018 0 comments

Lots of people ask me about the supplies I use for different projects, and where they can find that exact shade of yarn – or where they can buy the perfect size safety eyes.  So I decided to try something new.  Introducing One and Two Company Crochet Kits!

I chose two of my favorite patterns – Kissie the Kitty and Skip the Mouse Amigurumi and Ben the Teddy Bear Cuddler – for my first two kits.

You can find these brand new kits on my website.  Everything you need to complete each project is inside the cardboard box – yarn, safety eyes, stuffing, and additional supplies for details (like sequins for Kissie the Kitty).  The pattern is available digitally, if needed.*

The Kissie the Kitty and Skip the Mouse Amigurumi kit contains  enough yarn (in pink, white, and gray) and stuffing to make both animals, safety eyes for both, and sequins to add details to your Kissie.*

 This kit is available now for $27.00 (+5.99 if the digital pattern is needed).




The Ben the Teddy Bear Cuddler kit comes with enough of my Big Hugs yarn and stuffing to complete your cuddler, and safety eyes.*

This kit is available now for $21.00 (+4.99 if the digital pattern is needed).

* Please be aware that crochet hooks, scissors, needles, and/or stitch markers are NOT included in these kits.  At this time only the pink version of Kissie the Kitty and the red version of Ben the Teddy Bear are available.  The pattern for each kit is available as a digital download – you can choose to add it to the kit if you don’t already have it.


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