Funny Supplies

As a crocheter, I have a long list of essential supplies for my daily use.  Hooks, scissors, needles…I’m sure you have a similar list!  I love searching for different tools, and I found some that I think are very curious.  Some of them really made me laugh, so I wanted to share and see what you think!

    1.  Crochet Hooks.  Absolutely essential!!  There are lots of different brands and sizes, different compositions.  Some hooks are plain aluminum or plastic, some are wood.  And some even have ergonomic handles made of either rubber or clay.  I love these hooks from Polymer Clay Shed.  You can also find these colorful hooks on Etsy.
    2. Stitch Markers.  In all of my patterns, I recommend using stitch markers!!  While these aren’t necessarily unique, they are super colorful!!  And can you ever really have enough?  These are available on Amazon.

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  1. Needles.  Whether you’re weaving in all of those pesky ends or sewing your newest One and Two Company Amigurumi or Lovey together, you’re going to need needles.  These Clover Chibi Bent-Tip Needles are very nice!  Have you ever used them?
  2. Scissors.  I like using smaller, sharp embroidery scissors for trimming my yarn ends.  I think a lot of people have the same kind of stork scissors, but have you seen the colors of this pair?  I love them!!

    I also really like this Clover Yarn Cutter.  It’s plane-safe (you can’t always take your scissors on planes with you), and you can wear it around your neck on a cord.  Maybe I wouldn’t misplace this as much as I do my little scissors!
  3. Tape Measure.  I like to keep a tape measure close by so I can check my gauge.  AllAboutTheButtons on Etsy customizes adorable tape measures.  They’re so colorful and fun!
  4. On-the-Go Tool Storage.  I take yarn everywhere!!  I grab it and go.  So that means I take hooks and scissors everywhere, too, and sometimes those can get lost.  I love these zipper pouches from The Steady Hand.  She has so many fabrics to choose from, and they would be perfect to throw in my purse so I don’t loose my hook in the bottom of my bag!
  5. Yarn Bowl.  I’ve found that some people really like them, and some people don’t.  But these yarn bowls from Something Lucky 13 on Etsy made me laugh so hard!!  Aren’t they so silly and unique?

These are just a sample of some of the curious and unique crochet supplies I found online.  What do you think?  Do you have any of these items?  Leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite!

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4 thoughts on “Funny Supplies

  1. O love those stork scissors lol, I want a pair! I just tried Polymer Clay crochet hook handles for the first time. Came out pretty but I’m nervous I didn’t make it long enough. They are still too warm to find out.

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